eBIKE BOX mini

Smart mini charging station for electric bikes. Thanks to the modularity, you can choose the output charging connectors and charge up to 5 electric bicycles. Schuko sockets allow you to charge another 2 electrical devices with your chargers.

eBIKE BOX simple

Take your charging to the next level. You will find integrated modular self-winding connectors for 5 electric bicycles of your choice only with us. Do you need to inflate your tires? Repair the bike? Charge your phone or smart watch? eBIKE BOX simple handles everything!

eBIKE BOX vision

Professional charging station for electric bicycles. It contains all the functionalities of the station “simple”, as well as a display that you can use for information about the area, advertising or entertainment. It also contains security features - camera and alarm.

eBIKE PORT classic

Prepare a modern resting place for cyclists. Built for our smart charging boxes with the possibility of your own design. It offers quick and easy installation.

eBIKE PORT solar

Charge electric bikes directly from the sun. Electric bicycles powered by clean energy will be appreciated not only by cyclists, but also by our nature. In addition, you do not need an electrical connection and you can place it anywhere.

eBIKE PORT hybrid

Smart solution - solar shelter with the possibility of connecting to the electrical grid. Not sure about the amount of sun in the region? This solution will provide enough energy for every cyclist.

eBIKE PORT sharing

Don't have an e-bike? Borrow! Choose a shelter (classic / solar / hybrid) and share electric bicycles.

eBIKE PORT tower

Solar tower? With the possibility of charging electrical vehicles? Yes! Ideal not only for nature but also for towns and villages.


It's not just a stylish bike, it's a cool electric bike. Great sitting and "fat tires" offer comfort not only in the city but also in nature in easy terrain. You can even fold it and take it in the trunk wherever you go.